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Rainbow Promise

Written by Chrissy Greenslade.
Published Autumn 2003.

Soft back cover. 53 poems illustrated in full colour throughout by Jenny Williams.

ISBN 0-9534319-0-8

Rainbow of Love

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Every book will be signed by the author. If you wish to have Chrissy personally sign it to you or a friend, please let her know and give the christian name. Use the 'other details' box in the checkout or email her at chrissy@chrissygreenslade.co.uk


Shared Healing

Shared Healing

We’ll send our love and healing
To friends where’er they are,
No matter if they’re close to us,
No matter near or far.

A thought has wings, will reach them,
Love’s healing still astounds,
And when it’s channelled from the Source,
Then healing knows no bounds.

We don’t need time to send thoughts,
It takes only a minute,
And think of all the good it does,
When we share together in it.


Place of Peace

There's a path, there's a hill,
Where the salt-breezes blow,
Tossing damp, tangled locks in my eyes;
Screaming gulls wheel and turn,
Skimming wild seas that churn,
And above me cloud-castled blue skies.

On this path I am free,
My heart filled with content,
Though alone I press on with my dreams;
On the springy-turfed grass,
Rabbits peacefully pass,
Butterflies bask in sparkling sunbeams.

In this magical place,
I shall evermore roam,
It is heaven, a homeland for me;
For my spirit's at rest,
In the place I love best,
And at peace here I ever shall be.


The Blackbird

Blind Date

At four foot eight, excited,
She thought my dream's come true,
He's handsome, dressy and well off,
And under forty two.

She'd waited for this blind date,
A friend said he was nice,
He picked her up in his sports car,
His after-shave - Old Spice!

His eyes were bright and twinkly,
Manners she could not fault,
She smiled as her heart melted,
Then struck the thunder bolt.

As from the car he clambered,
It wasn't her in heaven,
Because she saw as he stood up,
That he was six foot seven!


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Rainbow of Life Rainbow of The Heart Rainbow of Love Rainbow Magic Rainbow Promise
ISBN 0-9534319-0-8 ISBN 0-9534319-1-6 ISBN 0-9534319-2-4 ISBN 0-9534319-3-2 ISBN 0-9534319-4-0

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