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Rainbow of Life

Written by Chrissy Greenslade.
Published Spring 1999.

Soft back cover. 53 poems illustrated in line and colour by Josephine Winzar.

ISBN 0-9534319-0-8

Rainbow of Life

As 'Rainbow of Life' is no longer available from me I have made Individual laminated Poetry Wall Cards on a rainbow or other attractive background, Size A4, of the most important poems in the book.

The following are for sale at the moment. 'I thought I'd never Love Again,' Decisions,' 'Unconditional Love,' 'Right Thinking,' 'Diet Dilemma'. 'Walk with Angels', 'Release',and many more.

Each are for sale at £2.00 (+50p postage)

A List of poems available will be sent on on request.


Miracle of SpringMiracle of Spring

Snow blossom bursting in the hedge,
Today we felt the joy of spring,
Excited birds and bumble bees,
And hope itself was on the wing.

Martins saluted their return,
A lone first swallow took its rest,
Moorhens and coots, shrill seagulls called,
To busy rooks building their nest.

Lawn-cutting perfume filled the air,
And damp, fresh earth of after-showers,
A yellow Brimstone butterfly,
With fragile wings swayed on the flowers.

Bright daffodils and celandines,
Held up their heads to greet the morn,
The flowering cherries plumped their buds,
Star daisies sparkled on the lawn.

As hand in hand our senses reeled,
God's miracle made spirits soar,
With footsteps light, hearts filled with hope,
We smiled - for it was Spring once more.

Love Again


I Thought I'd Never Love Again

I never thought I'd love again,
I thought that I would die,
I never thought I'd laugh again,
I tried so not to cry.

I wouldn't watch more suffering,
Or share more hurt or pain,
I felt that I should live alone,
And never love again.

But God had different plans for me,
I didn't stand a chance,
For I was linked with you my love,
That day, from our first glance.

So torn between my love for you,
And longing to be free,
I let my Spirits guide me on
This blessed destiny.

And now we are together, bathed
In happiness not pain,
My dearest I'm so very glad,
I've learned to love again.



Miracle of SpringA Certain Cure

I always arrive early,
Making sure I am not late,
And yet I know as always,
I am going to have to wait.
As the waiting room is silent,
A loud cough sounds like a roar,
As pale, unsmiling sufferers,
File sadly through the door.

I know until a mother
With a little child in tow
Arrives, this awful tension
And uneasiness won't go.
As old magazines are sorted
By each patient's nervous hands,
I hope when I'm explaining,
The doctor understands.

My aches have been so dreadful,
All my symptoms so severe,
But when I'm with the doctor,
They will always disappear.
Oh how good, here comes a toddler,
Runny nose, red bobble hat,
He'll soon get patients talking
Discussing this or that.

Now that the quiet is broken,
All the whispering has to end,
I always feel much better
When nattering with a friend.
Overdue is my appointment,
He's not back yet from his calls,
The toddler's cries now shattering
The peace, as down he falls.

That man's cold must be spreading,
If I wasn't ill before,
I've surely caught the 'flu now
Oh, my doctor's at the door!
It's my name he's calling loudly,
- How I wish I'd been to the loo
I can't think what to tell him,
The doctor's wondering too.

I hope you're feeling better,'
So I say, 'I'm pretty well.'
- Not really I've felt awful
Soon the truth I'll have to tell.
'Doctor you had better write me
A prescription as before,
Because I've felt much better,
Since I came through the door.'

My symptoms sound so trivial,
I am feeling such a fraud,
It's difficult describing,
What needs to be explored.
He does his best to help me,
But I'm struggling to explain,
For it won't be till I've left him
That I'll feel so ill again!

Rainbow of Life Rainbow of The Heart Rainbow of Love Rainbow Magic Rainbow of Promise
Rainbow of Life Rainbow of The Heart Rainbow of Love Rainbow Magic Rainbow Promise
ISBN 0-9534319-0-8 ISBN 0-9534319-1-6 ISBN 0-9534319-2-4 ISBN 0-9534319-3-2 ISBN 0-9534319-4-0

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