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Rainbow of The Heart

Written by Chrissy Greenslade.
Published Spring 2000.

Soft back cover. 53 poems illustrated throughout in full colour by Josephine Winzar.

ISBN 0-9534319-1-6

Rainbow of The Heart

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It's the effort that's made that's important,
Not succeeding the very first time,
It's the fact that you're trying to get there,
And the height of the mountain you climb.

It's your positive thoughts that accomplish,
And the hope in your heart kept alight,
It's the motive, the purpose, the progress,
Which persuades you, 'Don't give up the fight.'

For the toddler his joy is the first step,
For a youth it is passing his test,
For a man when he gets his first pay rise,
For a bride when she's feathered her nest.

For a drug addict and alcoholic,
It is learning to give up what's bad,
For a stroke victim it is recovering
Power of speech and the movement they had.

But a smile too can be an achievement,
When a loss is destroying your soul,
And a will to live on, if disabled,
When the people around you are whole.

To be able to dress, learn to do things,
Which you couldn't have achieved before,
To read braille and to master sign language,
Or to simply get up from the floor.

To achieve there must always be helpers,
A good teacher, a doctor, a friend,
So be positive for God is helping,
And you'll find you will cope in the end.


Gift of HeavenGift of Heaven

A new baby's an aspect of heaven,
It's a drop of perfection, a pearl,
It arrives on this earth pure and simple,
Disguised as a boy or a girl.

It's a tiny new life, it's a promise,
Brand new hope for a life not yet known,
Its unique little form and its beauty,
Is there to be shared till it's grown.

God has sent this pure, sweet individual,
To bring light to our lives with its charm,
It's a chance to enjoy and to cherish
This gift and protect it from harm.

So before it is touched by the earth plane,
While it's innocent, faultless and true,
Let us cloak it in love and devotion,
So God's child will receive what is due.




Brown are the eyes
Of my dearest companion,
Winning his ways
And the wag of his tail,
Trusting his eyes,
Filled with love and devotion,
Offered paw, licks,
Melt my heart, cannot fail.

Thump on the bed,
Here's my morning alarm clock,
Anxiously waits
For his breakfast to start,
Newspaper, slippers,
Triumphant he carries,
Welcomes me home,
With a warm, joyful heart.

Loud is the bark
As my protector warns me,
Joyful his 'Woof'
As he asks for his lead.
Swift are the feet
Of my hunter and athlete,
Energy fired,
Now that he has been freed.

Lying his head
On my feet he's contented,
Opening one eye,
When pretending to sleep,
I am so glad
That one day I decided,
This was the dog,
-No one wanted - I'd keep.


Don't Resist

Don't Resist

Accept the things that come your way,
Don't fight them or you'll find,
That they'll get worse and out of hand,
As tension fills your mind.

Accept but first seek God's advice,
Ask Him to share your task,
You'll find support, right answers, strength,
The moment that you ask.

Accept, don't ask 'Why should this be?'
Each happening is a test,
For life on earth's a place to learn
The way to live the best.

Accept the sorrows and the pain,
For through them we progress,
They'll lead to patience, courage, trust,
And inner happiness.

Accept that God is by your side,
That if your thoughts are good,
You'll help yourself and lead your life,
Exactly as you should.


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