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Rainbow of Love

Written by Chrissy Greenslade.
Published Spring 2001.

Soft back cover. 50 poems illustrated in line and colour by Niccola Ambrose.

ISBN 0-9534319-3-2

Rainbow of Love

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Good Intentions

Good Intentions

Do big stores and supermarkets
Have a bad effect on you,
And change your good intentions,
Just to spend a pound or two?

Now I needed only three things,
Cereal, a cake, some tea,
But then I saw some bargains,
Spread on shelves attracting me.

For that day I’d fetched my pension,
So I knew I’d pay my way,
But all my good intentions,
They just simply slipped away.

There were lots of special offers,
Some half-price or get one free,
Bargains and free containers,
That were luring, tempting me.

Now I’ve always hated shopping,
Though my loved one finds it fun,
But now I am the person,
Who buys two instead of one.

I am told that any freezer,
Runs much cheaper when it’s full,
And if I have the money,
Choosing things is never dull.

I am not a shopaholic,
What’s this ditty all about?
I went in to buy three things,
And had twelve when I came out!



When a problem's too much,
And it’s hurting your soul,
When you feel there is nowhere to turn,
You must seek for the light,
And hand over to God,
Then you’ll soon find the comfort you yearn.

When you release your tears,
Share your doubts and your fears,
Then an answer will soon come to you,
Just hold on, don't give in,
And your peace you will win,
For God's there and He’ll help pull you through.


A Walk In The Park

A Walk In The Park

In the park the buds are plumping,
Secret shoots reveal their heads,
Seeking nuts with optimism,
Squirrels burrow in flower beds.

Early blossom holds a promise,
Shyly shaking out her dress,
Daffodils en masse and swaying,
Fill the park with cheerfulness.

Walkers welcome mellow sunshine,
Weeping willows spring awaits,
Children race, enjoy their freedom,
Play on swings and roller skates.

Dogs attended by their owners,
Strain at leashes to be free,
On the benches, reading, eating,
People chatter happily.

Sweet the air of parkland playtime,
Beauty, leisure time is free,
Hand in hand we smile, contented,
In the park where you took me.


Recycled Teenage

Recycled Teenager

We’re not old, just recycled teenagers,
Grey-haired, young man and elderly girl,
We’re as necessary to creation,
As an oyster shell is to a pearl.

For inside we are dashing and longing
To do just as we did in our youth,
But we all get more tired and more achey,
So admit it and do tell the truth.

Yet our feet can't keep still when there's music
For we love the quick-step and the waltz,
And if people think we are all past it,
Their impressions are completely false.

We love singing old songs with great gusto,
Playing Bingo we win the first line
So although on the outside we’re 'Oldies,'
Our teenager souls not in decline.

Although some may need sticks to aid walking,
Doing crosswords we have a quick mind,
And so many recycled teenagers,
Have more laughter and humour you’ll find.

Yes we do like our comfort and cat-nap,
But when we’ve had our afternoon rest,
We will show you the way to enjoy life,
Oh, recycled teenagers are best!

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ISBN 0-9534319-0-8 ISBN 0-9534319-1-6 ISBN 0-9534319-2-4 ISBN 0-9534319-3-2 ISBN 0-9534319-4-0

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